A Realization: Time to Stop Existing and to Start Living

Have you ever felt like every motion in this world has nothing to do with you?

Or that you feel out-of-place and desolated?

Do you feel like you are not involve and just a bystander?

If you think you can relate to these questions, then your problem is about your definition of living and existing. Yes, every one of us exists, but can you truly say that you’re alive? Let’s set aside science for a while and look at things in the bigger picture.

Seeing a frail, old woman carrying a heavy luggage, have you ever tried reaching out to her?

Those little kids playing in the park and having fun, did you ever felt happy seeing them enjoy themselves?

To a stranger who sat beside you, did you ever spare a glance at her or him?

Have you tried smiling at the sight of tiny little ants gathering around the pieces of bread crumbs?

Did you ever see the things in a way that is so heartwarming to you; it makes everything radiant and beautiful?

I think we should see life as something so important that we should never dwell on regrets. Forget about those things because they happened in the past, and we can do nothing else to change them. What we really need is to think of living worthwhile. Laugh, cry, smile, be mad and feel sad – these things are what made us human. Let’s never detach ourselves from the world and the people around us.

To change, we need to stop existing and to start living.